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Should Cameras Be Allowed on Thrill Rides?


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Theme park enthusiasts like to get footage of their favourite rides not just from a distance but whilst on board. Many like to take point of view (POV) films whilst riding, often using devices like GoPro or Contour helmet cameras which are small, lightweight and can be secured to the person. Some riders even just hold their cameras for the duration of the circuit. Whilst this footage is of interest to other enthusiasts, most parks forbid the use of cameras on the rides leaving guests trying to sneak them on. Is this policy fair or should people be allowed to film their experience? Continue reading

Blue Fire

blue fire (650x488)

Blue Fire is a launch coaster by Mack Rides situated at Europa Park in Germany. The Park is owned and run by Mack and is a showcase for their rides. This being the case it is surprising that there has not been a mad scramble on the part of other theme parks to buy one of these constructions because it is a very special ride! Continue reading

The Smiler


The newest coaster at Alton Towers finally opened at the end of May following a string of delays and technical problems. After two weeks of operation the coaster is still suffering from late openings and many shut downs but the paying guests are certainly anxious to experience the Smiler as the queues have been very long indeed. So is the Smiler worth the lengthy wait? Continue reading



Gardaland has one of the most picturesque settings of any theme park in the world. Close to the shores of Lake Garda in Northern Italy, it is just a short drive from historic Verona and is surrounded by beautiful countryside and gorgeous lakeside towns. The park is worth visiting for its own sake but can also form part of an extended trip to the region. Continue reading

Thorpe Park Fright Nights


On special evenings in October as the sun sets Thorpe Park turns into a fear fest with crazy creatures and fearsome freaks lurking ready to scare the living daylights out of the guests who visit the park to join the Halloween party. The park is open well into the hours of darkness and offers several specially themed attractions in addition to the opportunity to take on the coasters in the dark. Continue reading

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

blackpool coasters

The Pleasure Beach offers a pleasing mix of historic rides and modern thrill machines and sits on the seashore at the southern end of the Golden Mile. This an extremely compact amusement park which has little in the way of landscaping and theming but is a triumph of hope over expectation in the sheer number of attractions that have been packed into such a tiny space. The entrance fees are very reasonable and there is certainly plenty to keep you occupied for a whole day and more. Continue reading