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Crazy Roller Coaster Antics

When working at a theme park you see many people trying to do the craziest things on roller coasters and attempting to smuggle amazing items onto the rides. Mad antics on coasters are becoming competitive and are proving to be a great means of getting publicity or making money for charity. Take “Scream If You Know the Answer”, a television quiz show where the celebrity competitors were filmed trying answer questions whilst riding the coasters. Adding a roller coaster to the mix makes for a good story and some great pictures. Continue reading

Stay Safe at Theme Parks

Major theme parks are generally very safe places for people to visit with serious incidents being comparatively rare. From time to time, however, a nasty event will occur and whilst there is nothing you can do to avoid being caught up in a mechanical failure there are ways of keeping yourself safe from other forms of disaster. Roller Coasters and thrill rides are huge chunks of metal travelling at high speed and so present all sorts of potential hazards. These machines should be treated with great respect as should the rules of the park. Continue reading

Universal Studios Hollywood

Hollywood conjures up all sorts of glamorous visions of movie stars and elegant neighbourhoods. Sadly this famous district of Los Angeles is not the most attractive of places in reality and is probably best ignored in favour of a visit to the Universal Studios Park which, whilst not the most beautiful place on the planet, is certainly a cut above the rest of the area. Continue reading


wodan with train

OK I admit it! I was always going to smile favourably on Wodan because I love Europa Park and I adore the wooden coasters off Great Coasters International. Having said that, even I was surprised by how good this attraction is. This is a ride that impresses as soon as you clap eyes on it and is a great adventure from the moment you enter the Plaza. Continue reading

Value Your Possessions!


In most theme parks around the world you will signs as you approach the thrill rides requesting that you do not take bags and loose items onto the ride with you. Lockers and bag rooms are provided to store your things before you ride and these are often free of very low cost options. Sadly many guests ignore these instructions because they do not understand the implications of what they are doing and the results can be rather unfortunate. Having worked in a theme park for several years I know exactly what can happen when loose items are taken onto rides and it is not funny! Continue reading