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How to Get a Great Ride Photo

There are some people for whom the usual ride photo is simply not enough and let’s face it unless you look completely terrified these snaps are not the most interesting of souvenirs. There is a limit to how compelling a picture of yourself in a seat can be and so some theme park enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to spice up their memorabilia. Continue reading

Thorpe Park and Young Children

British theme parks lack the land and the financial clout of Disney and the big American operators. This has basically meant that it is very difficult for any of them to be all things to all people. They feel that they are forced to configure their parks to cater for one demographic or another and Thorpe Park has very much gone down the route of adult thrills. Continue reading

Roller Coasters and the Weather

It is always a good idea to check the weather forecast before setting out for a theme park. Not only will it help you to decide what to wear, it could save you a wasted journey or a very disappointing trip. When the weather is more Scandinavian winter than tropical summer there can be issues with the rides and they may not be able to run. Continue reading

Cloudy with a Chance of Mobile Phones and Metal Bolts

I worked at a theme park for several seasons and dealt with many terrified quests. Whilst these people find the prospect of taking on the roller coaster terrifying my experience has taught me that the most dangerous place to be in a theme park is underneath the rides not on them. A person falling out of a ride is such a rare occurrence that it isn’t worth worrying about but flying debris is another matter! Continue reading

The Lunatics in the Asylum

Please excuse me but I need to rant! I have just read a news story that has completely infuriated me and I need to let loose. I have long been aware that there are some people who will complain about anything and it is a major irritation. Whatever you do there always seems to be some idiot who will find fault and I have now found the zenith of ridiculous complaints. Someone has actually started a campaign to close a Fright Night attraction at Thorpe Park because it stigmatises mental illness. Continue reading

Should Theme Parks Have Fast Track Systems

Accelerated access to rides is a thorny issue. Some people are great fans of paying extra to jump the queues others think that it is an abomination. In truth, there is no system which would allow people fast track entry without any detrimental effect on the rest of the guests so what is the fairest solution for everyone? Continue reading

Silver Star

silverstar (488x650)

This was the coaster that inspired my first visit to Europa Park and I am very glad that it did because I loved the ride and enjoyed the park so much that I have returned many times since. I recall the first day I arrived when I was so keen to get to the main attraction that I sprinted past everything else including the lovely band playing Spanish Guitars at the entrance. I made the first train of the day and I think I was probably on the last one too! New rides have been installed since my first visit but somehow I can never get enough of Silver Star! Continue reading



I will never forget my one and only ride on Desperado if only because I had to work so hard to get it. This steel hypercoaster is constructed around Buffalo Bill’s hotel in Primm, Nevada which is not somewhere I ever happen to be passing! The coaster is, however, just a short drive south of Las Vegas and so shortly after it was opened I made a pilgrimage to experience what was the world’s tallest roller coaster at the time. Unfortunately Desperado was closed and I had a wasted journey. Continue reading



If you have experienced Saw the Ride at Thorpe Park then you will know pretty much what to expect with this one. Speed is another Gerstlauer Euro-fighter but without the elaborate theming and special effects that you get with Saw. Despite the lack of embellishment I actually prefer this one as the layout is better and the ride somehow seems more fun. Continue reading