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Dreams at Disneyland Paris


Disney are legendary for the grand finales they lay on to crown your day at one of their parks. Until recently, however, Disneyland Paris was rather a poor relation of the American Parks with a low key firework display ending the day. I was pleased to hear that Dreams was to come to the Paris and last year I set off with eager anticipation to see what the new show had to offer. Continue reading

Christmas at Disneyland Paris


No one does Christmas quite like Disney and if you haven’t experienced the festive season at one of their parks you have really missed something! Not only do you get the brilliant decorations and a unique atmosphere, there are also special festive attractions to enjoy. The best news of all is that Christmas is an extended season at Disney so you can experience all the fun and cheer in the build-up to the big day and take advantage of some great deals at the park. Continue reading



Gardaland has one of the most picturesque settings of any theme park in the world. Close to the shores of Lake Garda in Northern Italy, it is just a short drive from historic Verona and is surrounded by beautiful countryside and gorgeous lakeside towns. The park is worth visiting for its own sake but can also form part of an extended trip to the region. Continue reading

Europa Park

   euro sat (2) 

Every year millions Tourists head for the European theme parks for a few days of fun and to escape the real world. Whilst everyone knows about the delights of Disneyland Paris, Europa Park in Germany remains largely undiscovered by British tourists and is not a big destination for visitors outside of France and Germany. This is a real shame because Europa Park is quite possible the best Theme Park in Europe. Continue reading