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New Development at Port Aventura


Port Aventura is notable by its exception from the growing list of theme parks that I have visited. Somehow my first visit to the Spanish park has never materialised despite several half made plans and all sorts of good intentions. I think my lack of interest in Spain has probably been a contributory factor however this year I had resolved to stop procrastinating and to organise a trip. Now I think I may have to cancel again! There has been an announcement that changes everything. Continue reading

The Thorpe Park Hotel

Not so long ago plans were afoot for a new hotel at Thorpe Park. It was a great idea. All the best parks have onsite accommodation after all. Naturally being such a good idea the plans were abandoned in favour of the Crash Pad. For those who have not experienced this less than idyllic accommodation, the Crash Pad is an unsightly temporary structure in which the rooms are actually remodelled shipping containers. Continue reading

Angry Birds to Descend on Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park has announced its new attractions for the 2014 season and the ever popular Angry Birds are at the heart of a facelift for two old/existing installations. Those hoping for a major new ride at the park will be disappointed but parent company Merlin do not look keen on any major investment at Thorpe in the near future. Continue reading

More Trouble at The Smiler

My goodness it is only a week since I wrote about the dangers of falling debris from theme park rides and now there have been two further high profile incidents. To make matters worse both events occurred on the same ride! The Smiler at Alton Towers is closed again as this ride, which appears to be cursed, has suffered failures to both the structure and the ride car. Continue reading

Chessington Ban Animal Print Clothing

Chessington_World_of_Adventures_Resort,_official_Logo (1)

I have just heard that Chessington World of Adventures are banning guests from wearing animal print in the park as it is confusing the resident wildlife! The announcement made the BBC news but that doesn’t mean it is true. Merlin Entertainments have a long history of gaining valuable publicity from PR stunts and this might turn out to be just another of those. If it is I think it might be a bit counterproductive as this policy is something which is guaranteed to annoy people. Continue reading



Feeding the Giraffes at the Zufari

The newest attraction at Chessington World of Adventures is Zufari a jeep ride through some freshly developed landscape housing various African animals. The ride has obviously been inspired the Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida but it doesn’t take Einstein to guess that it is on a slightly less dramatic scale! The question is does the inclusion of a safari experience in the depths of Surrey work? Continue reading