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Winter Wonderland


If you live in the UK and are depressed that the theme parks are closed for the winter then take heart because Winter Wonderland opens its doors once more 22 November. This enormous homage to all things festive can be found in Hyde Park, London and offers plenty of attractions for everyone to enjoy. OK it is not a theme park but there are themed areas and plenty of rides and if past years are anything to go by you can have a thoroughly good day or evening out at Winter Wonderland. Continue reading

Thorpe Park and Young Children

British theme parks lack the land and the financial clout of Disney and the big American operators. This has basically meant that it is very difficult for any of them to be all things to all people. They feel that they are forced to configure their parks to cater for one demographic or another and Thorpe Park has very much gone down the route of adult thrills. Continue reading

Paultons Park


Paultons Park is situated near Romsey in Hampshire and is easily accessed from the M27. Sitting on the edge of the New Forest, the park is a popular attraction amongst families holidaying in the area and is worthy of a visit if you have children to entertain. Paultons is not a great destination for adult only groups, however, as almost all of the rides and attractions are aimed at the under 12’s. Continue reading

Dreams at Disneyland Paris


Disney are legendary for the grand finales they lay on to crown your day at one of their parks. Until recently, however, Disneyland Paris was rather a poor relation of the American Parks with a low key firework display ending the day. I was pleased to hear that Dreams was to come to the Paris and last year I set off with eager anticipation to see what the new show had to offer. Continue reading

Six Flags Magic Mountain


I first visited this park in 1996 and boy have things changed since then! Six flags have been engaged in a long running battle with Cedar Point for the title of roller coaster capital of the world and so the intervening years have seen the addition of several new rides and the demise of a few older attractions. I liked this park very much the first time I visited and it is a great place but if you have been to Cedar Point you will know which park is king of the coasters and it isn’t Six Flags! Continue reading

Universal Studios Hollywood

Hollywood conjures up all sorts of glamorous visions of movie stars and elegant neighbourhoods. Sadly this famous district of Los Angeles is not the most attractive of places in reality and is probably best ignored in favour of a visit to the Universal Studios Park which, whilst not the most beautiful place on the planet, is certainly a cut above the rest of the area. Continue reading



Gardaland has one of the most picturesque settings of any theme park in the world. Close to the shores of Lake Garda in Northern Italy, it is just a short drive from historic Verona and is surrounded by beautiful countryside and gorgeous lakeside towns. The park is worth visiting for its own sake but can also form part of an extended trip to the region. Continue reading

Thorpe Park Fright Nights


On special evenings in October as the sun sets Thorpe Park turns into a fear fest with crazy creatures and fearsome freaks lurking ready to scare the living daylights out of the guests who visit the park to join the Halloween party. The park is open well into the hours of darkness and offers several specially themed attractions in addition to the opportunity to take on the coasters in the dark. Continue reading

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

blackpool coasters

The Pleasure Beach offers a pleasing mix of historic rides and modern thrill machines and sits on the seashore at the southern end of the Golden Mile. This an extremely compact amusement park which has little in the way of landscaping and theming but is a triumph of hope over expectation in the sheer number of attractions that have been packed into such a tiny space. The entrance fees are very reasonable and there is certainly plenty to keep you occupied for a whole day and more. Continue reading

Europa Park

   euro sat (2) 

Every year millions Tourists head for the European theme parks for a few days of fun and to escape the real world. Whilst everyone knows about the delights of Disneyland Paris, Europa Park in Germany remains largely undiscovered by British tourists and is not a big destination for visitors outside of France and Germany. This is a real shame because Europa Park is quite possible the best Theme Park in Europe. Continue reading