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Six Flags Magic Mountain


I first visited this park in 1996 and boy have things changed since then! Six flags have been engaged in a long running battle with Cedar Point for the title of roller coaster capital of the world and so the intervening years have seen the addition of several new rides and the demise of a few older attractions. I liked this park very much the first time I visited and it is a great place but if you have been to Cedar Point you will know which park is king of the coasters and it isn’t Six Flags! Continue reading

Universal Studios Hollywood

Hollywood conjures up all sorts of glamorous visions of movie stars and elegant neighbourhoods. Sadly this famous district of Los Angeles is not the most attractive of places in reality and is probably best ignored in favour of a visit to the Universal Studios Park which, whilst not the most beautiful place on the planet, is certainly a cut above the rest of the area. Continue reading

Cedar Point

IMG_0105 (650x488)

This is the park which has won the Golden Ticket award for best amusement park 15 years running and is the dream destination of all coaster enthusiasts. As you approach Cedar Point you immediately know why this is this case as a mass of brightly coloured track appears before you standing on a peninsula of land jutting into Lake Eerie near Sandusky, Ohio. The setting on the shores of the lake, the sheer enormity of the park and the number of thrill rides on offer make Cedar Point the place to be and if you love rides you simply have to pay this place a visit. Continue reading