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stealth close

I have to admit to a fair amount of bias regarding this ride as I worked on it for three years and it was certainly my favourite place to be every day. Stealth was built in 2006 and remains the most popular ride at Thorpe Park despite the arrival of Saw the Ride and the Swarm. The 205ft structure is visible from miles away and I still look up whenever I pass it. Continue reading



If you have experienced Saw the Ride at Thorpe Park then you will know pretty much what to expect with this one. Speed is another Gerstlauer Euro-fighter but without the elaborate theming and special effects that you get with Saw. Despite the lack of embellishment I actually prefer this one as the layout is better and the ride somehow seems more fun. Continue reading

The Big One


It took me a surprisingly long time to test out this ride. Much as I was keen to experience what was the world’s tallest coaster when it was built, it was its location that delayed my plans. I had never been particularly attracted to Blackpool as a place to visit and it seemed an awfully long way to go for one ride. My attitude, however, proved to be a foolish error as when I finally made the trip I had a great time and have returned several times since. Continue reading

The Swarm


I can still remember all of the excitement surrounding the arrival of the Swarm. I was working at Thorpe Park at the time and watched with eager anticipation as the land for the new ride was being excavated and the Swarm Island rose up gradually out of the lake surrounding the park. We understood that the ride was going to be a B&M Wingrider but as none of these had yet been opened nobody really knew what this attraction would deliver. Continue reading



Valhalla represented a huge investment for Blackpool Pleasure Beach and was a commendably ambitious foray into new territory. The ride is a combination of water ride and dark ride which mixes drops, water effects and lighting and temperature changes to provide an intense all round sensory experience which has made the ride an absolute triumph. The Viking theming is the perfect complement to a dramatic water ride. Valhalla look enticing before you even enter the station. Continue reading

The Smiler


The newest coaster at Alton Towers finally opened at the end of May following a string of delays and technical problems. After two weeks of operation the coaster is still suffering from late openings and many shut downs but the paying guests are certainly anxious to experience the Smiler as the queues have been very long indeed. So is the Smiler worth the lengthy wait? Continue reading