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Pirates of the Caribbean


Yes it is a bit cheesy and frankly a little dated but Pirates of the Caribbean remains a hugely popular attraction at the four Disney parks in which each features. All four versions of the ride are similar and so to an extent if you have seen one you have seen them all but that doesn’t seem to reduce the number of enthusiastic guests queuing up to take a ride. Continue reading

The Revenge of the Mummy


I can still remember the hullaballoo that surrounded the construction of the Revenge of the Mummy rides at Universal Studios in both Orlando and Hollywood. The ride promised to be the ultimate thrill experience – a coaster in the dark with a launch, pyrotechnics and special effects. I was thinking Rock ‘N’ Roller coaster with sheets of fire and surprises. I was wrong. Continue reading


I have to admit that on the occasion of my last visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain I was so focused on riding Tatsu and X2 that I hadn’t given much thought to anything else. There had been several new rides constructed since my last visit but I hadn’t given them any thought so it came as a great surprise when Apocalypse turned out to be my favourite attraction at the park. Continue reading



I will never forget my one and only ride on Desperado if only because I had to work so hard to get it. This steel hypercoaster is constructed around Buffalo Bill’s hotel in Primm, Nevada which is not somewhere I ever happen to be passing! The coaster is, however, just a short drive south of Las Vegas and so shortly after it was opened I made a pilgrimage to experience what was the world’s tallest roller coaster at the time. Unfortunately Desperado was closed and I had a wasted journey. Continue reading


I have very clear memories of my first encounter with Air at Alton Towers. The prospect of a flying coaster was a thrilling one and I rushed off to the park to give the new ride a test run but my heart was already sinking before I had left the car park from where large portions of the ride are visible. It looked very small and unexciting and much of my enthusiasm has disappeared in advance of entering the park. Continue reading

Top Thrill Dragster

IMG_0036 (650x488)

Since this mighty beast was opened at Cedar Point in 2003 I dreamed of riding it. At the time it was both the tallest and fastest coaster in the world which put it firmly at the top of my wish list! Although it was surpassed in speed and height by Kingda Ka in 2005, Dragster always remained the ride I most wanted to experience but it took me rather a long time to fulfil my ambition! Continue reading


DSC02140 (413x550)

Everyone has their own tastes in rides and so ask anyone to make a top ten list and it will be just that little bit different from any other. Some people love steel coasters others can’t resist the air time on a wooden construction and for others speed is all. As for me, well my favourite ride on the planet is Maverick at Cedar Point, an Intamin masterpiece that may not be your personal top of the pops but cannot fail to impress. Continue reading