Dogs and British Theme Parks


If you are a dog owner and considering a trip to a British Theme Park you may be wondering if you can take your pet along for the day. Unfortunately theme parks are not dog friendly environments and so your pet, unless it is a registered assistance dog, will not be allowed into the parks.  It is best to find someone to look after your animals at home but if you have to take them on the trip then choose your destination advisedly and plan ahead. Here is a guide to the facilities on offer at the various parks.

Alton Towers

There are no kennels at Alton Towers but they have an arrangement with nearby Highwood Boarding Kennels who offer both day care and short break packages to visitors. There are several other kennels locally where you could board your pet. Due to the size of Alton Towers and the location of the kennels it would not be possible to leave the park to check up on your pet during the day. Guide dogs, hearing dogs and registered assistance dogs are allowed into the park but you must contact Alton Towers in advance to arrange access.

Thorpe Park

Again there are no kennels at the park itself but there are several local operators where you can make arrangements to board your animal. Again guide dogs, hearing dogs and registered assistance dogs are allowed into the park by prior arrangement.

Chessington World of Adventures

Like Alton Towers and Thorpe Park, Chessington is operated by Merlin Entertainments and there are no facilities at the Park itself for dogs. The same rules apply to assistance dogs, guide dogs and hearing dogs as at the other Merlin Attractions.


Unlike the other Merlin parks Legoland does have a kennel facility located close to the main entrance enabling you to check on your dog during the day. The kennels are allocated on a first come first served basis and you should report to guest services on arrival.There are only seven places available so arrive as early as you can. The cost is £10 per day and you should be aware that the kennels are unsupervised. Assistance dogs may enter the park by prior arrangement.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Only assistance dogs are permitted onto the site. There are no kennels at the park and your only option is to board your dog at one of the local independent kennels.


Oakwood in South Wales is a very dog friendly theme park! Only assistance dogs are allowed into the attraction but there are free kennels at the entrance which are allocated on a first come first served basis each day. You can leave the park as often as you wish to check on your pet.

Drayton Manor and Paultons Park

Only assistance dogs are permitted into these parks by prior arrangement. There are no kennels on site and so your dog must be boarded at a local independent operator.

Please also be aware that registered assistance dogs which are permitted access to the parks must be kept on a harness and lead at all times and must wear identifying jackets. Such animals may enter the parks but will not be allowed onto the rides and there may be areas within the parks where dogs are not permitted.  If you leave your dog in kennels then take a blanket, a favourite toy and if they are fussy eaters, their favourite Burns dog food. Dogs must never be left in cars. The parks do patrol their parking facilities and will report any animals left in vehicles to the authorities.


Article by Sally Stacey