Paultons Park


Paultons Park is situated near Romsey in Hampshire and is easily accessed from the M27. Sitting on the edge of the New Forest, the park is a popular attraction amongst families holidaying in the area and is worthy of a visit if you have children to entertain. Paultons is not a great destination for adult only groups, however, as almost all of the rides and attractions are aimed at the under 12’s.

The Park

Paultons is a very well maintained park which is clean and tidy. Some areas, particularly the animal exhibits, are attractively landscaped but this is a relatively low key park with little theming. Many of the rides are simply sited on tarmac giving some areas of the park a rather fairground feel. The exception is the excellent Peppa Pig World which is fabulous for the little ones and very nicely done. Peppa Pig World is themed, colourful and features several rides for very small children and a pleasant café.



The Rides

The park has an eclectic mix of rides with most being simple affairs that you will have seen at many other locations. There are several slides, a junior coaster, teacups and a miniature train so no surprises there but the park does now feature a reasonably decent drop tower themed on a volcano. The highlight of the park is Cobra, a Gertslauer constructed coaster, which has a height restriction of just 1.1m but which is surprisingly good fun even for adults. Opposite Cobra you will find Edge which is similar to Kobra at Chessington and here guests must be 1.2m to ride. I should also mention the surprising Dragon Roundabout. This one looks quite tame as a bystander but is really quite exciting when you are on it especially when it completes a cycle only to take off backwards! With a 0.9m height restriction this ride is pretty intense for tiny tots.

Animals and Gardens

There are several animal exhibits which are all nicely done and situated in a pleasant area of Paultons with a country park feel. The meerkats, birds of prey, wallabies and penguins all make a pleasant diversion from the frenetic activity of the rides and there are some very nice gardens and a lake to explore if you fancy a stroll.


There are three shops to explore at Paultons. The little ones will love Peppa’s Toy Shop in Peppa Pig World and at the exit you will find The Gift Shop and Trading Post offering a reasonable range of souvenirs and toys and memorabilia for kids. The prices are quite reasonable which makes a change at a theme park!


This is a park which the owners have clearly made an effort with on a relatively small budget. There isn’t much to get adults excited but the kids will love it and there is plenty here to keep them occupied for a whole day.


Article by Sally Stacey