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When You Know The People Behind The Characters

The willing suspension of disbelief is a fundamental requirement when you visit the Disney Parks. If you are going to get the most out of your visit then cynicism has to be left at the gates. One of the most charming elements of any day at the parks is the opportunity to meet the characters. Naturally any adult will be quite well aware that they are consorting with a man in a fur suit but somehow that matters little as you are meeting Pluto for heaven’s sake! Character meetings are wonderful but what if you actually know the man who is the suit? Continue reading

Dogs and British Theme Parks


If you are a dog owner and considering a trip to a British Theme Park you may be wondering if you can take your pet along for the day. Unfortunately theme parks are not dog friendly environments and so your pet, unless it is a registered assistance dog, will not be allowed into the parks.  It is best to find someone to look after your animals at home but if you have to take them on the trip then choose your destination advisedly and plan ahead. Here is a guide to the facilities on offer at the various parks. Continue reading

Chessington Ban Animal Print Clothing

Chessington_World_of_Adventures_Resort,_official_Logo (1)

I have just heard that Chessington World of Adventures are banning guests from wearing animal print in the park as it is confusing the resident wildlife! The announcement made the BBC news but that doesn’t mean it is true. Merlin Entertainments have a long history of gaining valuable publicity from PR stunts and this might turn out to be just another of those. If it is I think it might be a bit counterproductive as this policy is something which is guaranteed to annoy people. Continue reading

Chessington World of Adventures

A theme park situated close to London and just a couple of minutes from the M25 should attract plenty of customers but outside of the school holidays Chessington’s visitor number are generally low and it is not hard to see why. This is a park marketed primarily to families and the rides are mainly geared towards children. Many of the offerings have been features of the park for a long time and are looking tired, dated and have rather outstayed their welcome but there have been some recent improvements and the animal exhibits are largely excellent making this place a good destination for animal lovers of all ages. Continue reading



Feeding the Giraffes at the Zufari

The newest attraction at Chessington World of Adventures is Zufari a jeep ride through some freshly developed landscape housing various African animals. The ride has obviously been inspired the Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida but it doesn’t take Einstein to guess that it is on a slightly less dramatic scale! The question is does the inclusion of a safari experience in the depths of Surrey work? Continue reading