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5 Theme Park Rides that Will Ruin Your Image

Most of us enjoy a trip to a theme park but for the image conscious a visit can soon turn into a nightmare as there is limitless potential for the rides and attractions to completely roger your look. No thrill ride is going to leave you unscathed but there are some rides that are best avoided if you don’t want to look like a swamp creature or an escapee from the local asylum. Here are 10 rides to pass up if you don’t want to look in the mirror and get the fright of your life. Continue reading

Pirates of the Caribbean


Yes it is a bit cheesy and frankly a little dated but Pirates of the Caribbean remains a hugely popular attraction at the four Disney parks in which each features. All four versions of the ride are similar and so to an extent if you have seen one you have seen them all but that doesn’t seem to reduce the number of enthusiastic guests queuing up to take a ride. Continue reading

Angry Birds to Descend on Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park has announced its new attractions for the 2014 season and the ever popular Angry Birds are at the heart of a facelift for two old/existing installations. Those hoping for a major new ride at the park will be disappointed but parent company Merlin do not look keen on any major investment at Thorpe in the near future. Continue reading

Should Theme Parks Have Fast Track Systems

Accelerated access to rides is a thorny issue. Some people are great fans of paying extra to jump the queues others think that it is an abomination. In truth, there is no system which would allow people fast track entry without any detrimental effect on the rest of the guests so what is the fairest solution for everyone? Continue reading

Roller Coasters Inspire Travel

Poseidon (650x488)

You might think that it is only serious coaster geeks that would travel long distances to experience a ride but that is not always the case. The journey can lead people to visiting destinations that they otherwise would not have considered and that is often a very good thing. Travelling to theme parks does not have to be about the park alone and can inspire a love for the entire region in which the park is located. Continue reading

The Big One


It took me a surprisingly long time to test out this ride. Much as I was keen to experience what was the world’s tallest coaster when it was built, it was its location that delayed my plans. I had never been particularly attracted to Blackpool as a place to visit and it seemed an awfully long way to go for one ride. My attitude, however, proved to be a foolish error as when I finally made the trip I had a great time and have returned several times since. Continue reading

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Paris


The runaway mine train is a theme park staple that you find in many parks but nobody does it like Disney and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is no exception. Having taken many rides on the Floridian incarnation of this attraction I was pleasantly surprised when I first visited Disneyland Paris as this version of the Disney favourite was even better. Continue reading

Ride Availability

blue fire (650x488)

There are many factors which affect the success of any day at a theme park and one of them is certainly the availability of the rides. Few things are worse than finding that your favourite attraction is closed or having your valuable time wasted by standing in a queue line waiting for a ride to be fixed after a breakdown. It is always best to have as much information as possible at your disposal before travelling and there are some tactics you can adopt to maximise your chances of bagging a ride on your favourites. Continue reading

How to Avoid Crowds and Queues at Theme Parks


Theme parks are now so popular that on many days they can be choked with visitors. It is not uncommon for parks to reach capacity and shut their doors and a really busy day can make for a very poor experience. If you have spent a fortune getting into a park you really don’t want to spend your day in seemingly endless queues do how do you avoid the crowds?



Off Peak


Even the most popular parks have quiet periods and these are largely the best time to visit but are always during school term times and so if you have kids things are more difficult. There is plenty of information online regarding visitor numbers at the various parks and it is usually possible to deduce the best times to make the trip. Parks which are only open for part of the year because of the weather can be a tougher proposition as the number of people who wish to visit must be condensed into a shorter period of time but there will still be quiet days. As a general rule of thumb September is a quiet time at most parks and the winter months are a fabulous time to try Disneyland Paris. The one time you really don’t want to visit a park is just after the opening of a major new attraction. Anyone who went to Alton Towers after the opening of the Smiler or to Disney California Adventure when Cars Land was premiered will know what I mean!


There are some drawbacks to off peak visiting which should be born in mind. This is the time when parks which are open year round will perform maintenance on their attractions. You will probably find that at least one ride is closed during your stay but some parks, notably Disney, do advertise their closures well in advance. The other potential pitfall is the weather. Most parks in colder climes close in the winter but Disneyland Paris is open all year and it can get very cold. The last time I visited in February it was -10 degrees and I need my fur lined footwear!


Pay Extra


If you cannot avoid the busier periods at a park then one way you can at least reduce the amount of time you spend queuing is to avail yourself of the accelerated access schemes operated at some destinations. Many parks operate a VIP or Fast Pass system for which you pay extra but it may be worth budgeting extra for this privilege. The systems vary and there are usually several options to choose from so check them out online and decide what is best for you.




If you can’t afford the additional costs of accelerated access then it is time to consider your tactics carefully. Even on busy days it is possible to enhance your trip by tackling the park in the right way. Arrive early and be one of the first through the door. Head for a couple of the biggest attractions first and ride these before the queues build up. After that, head for the far reaches of the park and work your way back towards the entrance as most people will be moving in the opposite direction. Eat outside of normal dining hours. Lunch time and early evening are when the restaurants are at their busiest and the ride queues subside for a time. Most parks are best visited over more than one day. On your second day if the park has a parade and a show at the end of the day then miss these and take on the rides. Most guests will be lining the streets for the parade and the rides can be quiet. The rides are generally at their busiest late morning so use these times to eat and do your shopping.


The best thing you can do to ensure a successful trip to a theme park is your homework! Find out as much as you can before you travel and seek the advice of people who have visited before. Have your plan of action worked out in advance and your trip will be considerably enhanced.


Article by Sally Stacey