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Painful and Unpleasant Rides

Theme park rides are supposed to be fun but some have a tendency to inflict pain and discomfort whilst they are delivering the thrills! Rides can inflict injury in all manner of ways and there are some attractions that I now avoid at all costs in order to prevent a hospital trip during my visit. Here are some of the more unfortunate machines I have experienced which you should take on advisedly. Continue reading

Theme Park Art

Theme parks are generally bright and colourful places with lots of interesting structures and forms. You would think, therefore, that they would make great subjects for paintings but I am struggling to find art which features roller coasters and rides. I would like to reflect my interest in rides and amusement parks with art in my home but the choice is surprisingly limited. Continue reading

Cedar Point

IMG_0105 (650x488)

This is the park which has won the Golden Ticket award for best amusement park 15 years running and is the dream destination of all coaster enthusiasts. As you approach Cedar Point you immediately know why this is this case as a mass of brightly coloured track appears before you standing on a peninsula of land jutting into Lake Eerie near Sandusky, Ohio. The setting on the shores of the lake, the sheer enormity of the park and the number of thrill rides on offer make Cedar Point the place to be and if you love rides you simply have to pay this place a visit. Continue reading