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Old Favourites

Every theme park has a finite amount of space and so when a new ride is planned the development will often involve the demolition of an old attraction. Whilst some are well past their sell by date by the time they are pulled down, others are victims of a premature demise. There are some rides whose passing I have seriously mourned and the situation is particularly provoking when the replacement ride simply doesn’t live up to expectations. Continue reading

Theme Park Retailing In the UK

The retail offering at UK theme parks never ceases to amaze me. I am always looking for a decent souvenir of my visit but usually find a huge array of plastic junk and silly toys that have little or nothing to do with the park. Whilst guests don’t visit theme parks to go shopping most end up wandering around the stores at some point but you rarely see people leaving the parks with bags full of merchandise. It is a very different story at the Disney parks overseas where almost everyone leaves weighed down under the enormity of their purchases.  With a great deal of money to be made why don’t the British parks make more of an effort? Continue reading

Top Thrill Dragster

IMG_0036 (650x488)

Since this mighty beast was opened at Cedar Point in 2003 I dreamed of riding it. At the time it was both the tallest and fastest coaster in the world which put it firmly at the top of my wish list! Although it was surpassed in speed and height by Kingda Ka in 2005, Dragster always remained the ride I most wanted to experience but it took me rather a long time to fulfil my ambition! Continue reading

Cedar Point

IMG_0105 (650x488)

This is the park which has won the Golden Ticket award for best amusement park 15 years running and is the dream destination of all coaster enthusiasts. As you approach Cedar Point you immediately know why this is this case as a mass of brightly coloured track appears before you standing on a peninsula of land jutting into Lake Eerie near Sandusky, Ohio. The setting on the shores of the lake, the sheer enormity of the park and the number of thrill rides on offer make Cedar Point the place to be and if you love rides you simply have to pay this place a visit. Continue reading


DSC02140 (413x550)

Everyone has their own tastes in rides and so ask anyone to make a top ten list and it will be just that little bit different from any other. Some people love steel coasters others can’t resist the air time on a wooden construction and for others speed is all. As for me, well my favourite ride on the planet is Maverick at Cedar Point, an Intamin masterpiece that may not be your personal top of the pops but cannot fail to impress. Continue reading