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Pirates of the Caribbean


Yes it is a bit cheesy and frankly a little dated but Pirates of the Caribbean remains a hugely popular attraction at the four Disney parks in which each features. All four versions of the ride are similar and so to an extent if you have seen one you have seen them all but that doesn’t seem to reduce the number of enthusiastic guests queuing up to take a ride. Continue reading

When You Know The People Behind The Characters

The willing suspension of disbelief is a fundamental requirement when you visit the Disney Parks. If you are going to get the most out of your visit then cynicism has to be left at the gates. One of the most charming elements of any day at the parks is the opportunity to meet the characters. Naturally any adult will be quite well aware that they are consorting with a man in a fur suit but somehow that matters little as you are meeting Pluto for heaven’s sake! Character meetings are wonderful but what if you actually know the man who is the suit? Continue reading

Meeting the Characters

There is something about Disney in general that can soften even the most cynical adult. Throw in a few actors in fury suits and you can have everyone rushing for the photo opportunity. Meeting the characters is a wonderful part of any trip to a park, Disney or not, but it can lead to a lot of queuing and some very unseemly behaviour. Continue reading

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Paris


The runaway mine train is a theme park staple that you find in many parks but nobody does it like Disney and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is no exception. Having taken many rides on the Floridian incarnation of this attraction I was pleasantly surprised when I first visited Disneyland Paris as this version of the Disney favourite was even better. Continue reading

The Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster – Paris

It seems like yesterday when my cousin returned from one of many trips to Florida to inform me that the Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster was a great ride. As a confirmed fan of coasters in the dark I was very jealous as this ride appeared to be right up my street. Happily it wasn’t long before I found myself at Disneyland Paris after the same ride was opened there. Continue reading

Theme Park Retailing In the UK

The retail offering at UK theme parks never ceases to amaze me. I am always looking for a decent souvenir of my visit but usually find a huge array of plastic junk and silly toys that have little or nothing to do with the park. Whilst guests don’t visit theme parks to go shopping most end up wandering around the stores at some point but you rarely see people leaving the parks with bags full of merchandise. It is a very different story at the Disney parks overseas where almost everyone leaves weighed down under the enormity of their purchases.  With a great deal of money to be made why don’t the British parks make more of an effort? Continue reading