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5 Theme Park Rides that Will Ruin Your Image

Most of us enjoy a trip to a theme park but for the image conscious a visit can soon turn into a nightmare as there is limitless potential for the rides and attractions to completely roger your look. No thrill ride is going to leave you unscathed but there are some rides that are best avoided if you don’t want to look like a swamp creature or an escapee from the local asylum. Here are 10 rides to pass up if you don’t want to look in the mirror and get the fright of your life. Continue reading

The Revenge of the Mummy


I can still remember the hullaballoo that surrounded the construction of the Revenge of the Mummy rides at Universal Studios in both Orlando and Hollywood. The ride promised to be the ultimate thrill experience – a coaster in the dark with a launch, pyrotechnics and special effects. I was thinking Rock ‘N’ Roller coaster with sheets of fire and surprises. I was wrong. Continue reading

How to Get a Great Ride Photo

There are some people for whom the usual ride photo is simply not enough and let’s face it unless you look completely terrified these snaps are not the most interesting of souvenirs. There is a limit to how compelling a picture of yourself in a seat can be and so some theme park enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to spice up their memorabilia. Continue reading

Thorpe Park and Young Children

British theme parks lack the land and the financial clout of Disney and the big American operators. This has basically meant that it is very difficult for any of them to be all things to all people. They feel that they are forced to configure their parks to cater for one demographic or another and Thorpe Park has very much gone down the route of adult thrills. Continue reading

Roller Coasters and the Weather

It is always a good idea to check the weather forecast before setting out for a theme park. Not only will it help you to decide what to wear, it could save you a wasted journey or a very disappointing trip. When the weather is more Scandinavian winter than tropical summer there can be issues with the rides and they may not be able to run. Continue reading

Cloudy with a Chance of Mobile Phones and Metal Bolts

I worked at a theme park for several seasons and dealt with many terrified quests. Whilst these people find the prospect of taking on the roller coaster terrifying my experience has taught me that the most dangerous place to be in a theme park is underneath the rides not on them. A person falling out of a ride is such a rare occurrence that it isn’t worth worrying about but flying debris is another matter! Continue reading

Silver Star

silverstar (488x650)

This was the coaster that inspired my first visit to Europa Park and I am very glad that it did because I loved the ride and enjoyed the park so much that I have returned many times since. I recall the first day I arrived when I was so keen to get to the main attraction that I sprinted past everything else including the lovely band playing Spanish Guitars at the entrance. I made the first train of the day and I think I was probably on the last one too! New rides have been installed since my first visit but somehow I can never get enough of Silver Star! Continue reading

Painful and Unpleasant Rides

Theme park rides are supposed to be fun but some have a tendency to inflict pain and discomfort whilst they are delivering the thrills! Rides can inflict injury in all manner of ways and there are some attractions that I now avoid at all costs in order to prevent a hospital trip during my visit. Here are some of the more unfortunate machines I have experienced which you should take on advisedly. Continue reading


I have very clear memories of my first encounter with Air at Alton Towers. The prospect of a flying coaster was a thrilling one and I rushed off to the park to give the new ride a test run but my heart was already sinking before I had left the car park from where large portions of the ride are visible. It looked very small and unexciting and much of my enthusiasm has disappeared in advance of entering the park. Continue reading